This website describes Pat Starr’s venerable 1958 Morgan Plus Four Roadster in terms of Ownership, Modifications and Upgrades, and Racing History.

This Morgan has had Two Owners since new, and both raced the car.
From 1959-1969 it was a dual purpose vehicle, being driven on the street and run in SCCA Regional and National races. It was converted to a “race only” vehicle in 1970-71 and run in a few more SCCA races, then retired. With a de-tuned engine and street radial tires it started running Vintage Events in 1976. And, with a few missed seasons and some upgrades, the Morgan is still competing, having finished three events in 2015.

Since purchased by Starr in 1963, the Morgan has had many modifications and upgrades, including body-off rebuilds in 1963-64 and 2003-04. The engine has all the good stuff (steel crankshaft, H-Beam rods, etc.) and produces 150 HP at the rear wheels. It is fast, having turned 1:50’s on the BIR short course, and 2:44’s on Road America.

This Morgan is NOT a recently constructed “Vintage Racer”, but a Proven Warhorse that has been raced since new, in SCCA Events (1959 – 1973), and Vintage Events (1976 – 2015). Consider being its Third Owner.


Photo Gallery:  Stationary photos, Fall 2015.  Action photos are in Racing History, and technical photos are in Modification Details.

Brief Description:  Typical overview,  listing the features of the car.

Brief History:  Ownership and short summary of the modifications and racing activities.

Engine Details: Specifics of the engine modifications.

Modifications and Upgrades: Chronological list of the modifications and upgrades from 1963-2015.

Racing History: Comments on each event since new.

Modification Details: Further details of selected modifications.

Spares: Parts included with the Morgan.

Two videos of Highlights from the ELVF 2015 and ELVF 2012 are at: https://youtu.be/qJN2Q-TP4F8

The Morgan was featured in an article entitled “Gold Rush”, issue #160, Jan 2013.