Tie Rod

A stronger tie rod was fabricated for use with the custom spindles during the 1970-71 Conversion to a Race Car, and again during the 1999-2003 Major Upgrade.  The following shows a sketch as viewed from the front (not to scale). The dimensions locating the rod ends depend upon the toe setting.

Tie Rod

The original Morgan tie rod was ¾ in. OD, and connected to the drag link with a fitting that clamped around the OD of the tie rod. The custom tie rod has a short ¾ in. OD portion that is welded to a long portion of 1.0 in. OD x 0.065 wall steel tubing. The short portion was machined from 1.0 in. steel rod. It was turned down to fit inside the 1.0 in. OD tube, inserted about 1 ¾ inches in, with ¼ inch remaining outside, then a shoulder and turned to the ¾ in. OD for 4.75 inches. The end was drilled and tapped for ½ in. RH UNF threads. The end of the long portion is a welded-on insert for  ½ in. LH UNF threads.

The Morgan drag link fitting clamps around the ¾ in. portion, and in addition to the clamping bolt, it is held in place on one side by a bolt-on collar and on the other side by the shoulder on the short portion.

The rod ends are ½ inch Aurora high strength units. The ¾ inch collar is from McMasters-Carr and the LH insert is from the Chassis Shop.


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