The stock drum brakes were run from 1963-69. A stronger pedal was fabricated for 1964 since the Morgan pedal had bent when experiencing brake fade in my second race in 1963.


Later, Velvetouch semi-metallic linings were used and airscoops were fabricated and attached to the front backing plates. In 1959 Morgan had introduced front disc brakes on the Plus 4 models, so it was SCCA legal to install discs on the car.

During the 1970-71 Conversion to a Race Car, I intended to install disc brakes at the front, but also wanted to improve the front spindles (one had failed magnaflux), and replace the wire wheels with bolt-on disc wheels. I wrote the Morgan Factory, and found the cost of the needed parts was beyond my graduate student budget. So, substituting  time for dollars, a custom spindle was designed that utilized (1) the bolt-on stub axle from AMC vehicles of the era, (2) their disc brakes which had the same diameter solid disc as the Morgan, and (3) their hubs for bolt-on wheels. This spindle design has been used since 1972, with changes to the calipers. Initially the Bendix calipers from the 1968 Javelin were used, followed by used aftermarket aluminum units taken off the DeMar racecar that resembled Triumph TR3 calipers. In the 2004 Major Upgrade, new aftermarket calipers were installed. The aftermarket units required fabrication of custom attachment brackets.

At the rear, stock drums were used through 2006 and Datsun 240Z drums were adopted in 2007. These are finned aluminum with a steel liner, having the same diameter and width as the Morgan drums, and require some machining to fit.


DISCS: 1968 AMC Javelin, 11 inch diameter solid discs. The original units replaced in 2010., PN CTC-121.63049.

CALIPERS: Wildwood, for 0.50 inch disc width, Chassis Shop, PN NS 120-3825, (2004). New Pistons, Summit, PN WIL-200-1116, (2013). New Seals, Summit, PN WIL-130-2655 (2015).

CALIPER BRACKETS: Custom design, 3 ½ inch bolt spacing.

PADS: Hawk Blue, HB 101E-800.


DATSUN 240Z ALUMINUM DRUMS (modified): Center hole bored to the diameter of the Morgan drum hole, four 9/16inch stud holes and four 5/16 inch attachment holes drilled at the Morgan 130 mm diam. bolt circle. The 5/16 inch holes were chamfered to use flat head Allen screws to attach the drum and provide a flat surface for the wheel. (2007)

The inside edge of the fins were machined for clearance with the backing plate, following Fred Sisson’s “Morgan Driver’s Bedside Reader” p.132.

LININGS: Porterfield R4 (2012).

WHEEL CYLINDERS: Stock Morgan, Girling 7/8 inch bore, BPNW, PN BWH2012 (2012).


TILTON 74 SERIES MASTER CYLINDERS: Front, 1.0 inch bore, Rear, 0.75 inch bore, RPW, PN Til-74-1000U and Til-74-750U, (2004). Rebuilt with kits from PEG, (2009). Mounted on a custom bracket.

PEDAL: Three custom pedals have been made, in 1964, 1971, and 1991. The 1991 pedal is the current one and has a Tilton Adjustable Balance Bar.

LINES: Front steel lines have been replaced a few times, the latest in 2011, and the original (1958) steel line to the rear was also finally replaced in 2011. SAE and AN fittings are used. All flexible lines are steel braided, pre-assembled hose with straight AN-3 swivel ends, 12 inches long at front and 14 at the rear.



Modified Datsun Drum.


Dual Tilton Master Cylinders on a Custom Bracket



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