Cooling System

ALUMINUM RADIATOR. Custom Design, built by Griffin Radiator and installed in 2006. It was damaged at the ELVF in 2013 and replaced. The “Design Information Sheet” sent to Griffin is attached, (2013).

SUPER SPORTS WATER ROUTING. Custom header tank mounted on firewall with two 7/8 in. lines to the radiator. One line joins with the front outlet on the head. A bleed line runs from the top of the radiator to the header tank.

ELECTRIC FAN. Puller style, mounted behind the radiator, RPW,
PN SPA-00398, (2011). The fan was installed in order to cool the engine when tuning, and when returning in slow traffic following a session on the track. To make room for the fan, the radiator needed to move slightly forward and downward. The fan was also damaged at the 2013 ELVF and replaced. (2014).

HEADER TANK. Custom, fabricated from a 4 in. diam. aluminum tube, 13 in. long, holding about 2.6 quarts. Two 7/8 in. OD outlet tubes, a radiator cap fitting, and a ¼ in. bleed tube are welded on. The tank is mounted higher than the radiator. A 13 psi radiator cap (NAPA PN 703-1697) with water recovery is used.

FRONT OUTLET ON HEAD. Custom, fabricated out of aluminum, replacing the stock item. It has provisions for a temp. sending unit and a restrictor plate which is secured with a stainless steel retaining ring.

REAR OUTLET ON HEAD. Custom, fitted to the frost plug opening, routing water to the radiator.

TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT is done as water exits the front of the head.

WATER RECOVERY from the header tank is provided with a one quart plastic bottle.

LOWER RADIATOR HOSE is cut from NAPA # 8943.

FRONT HOSE FITTING is a copy of the Super Sports aluminum fitting  constructed from copper fittings. It combines input flows from the header tank and the front of the head, and then into the radiator.

STRAIGHT HOSE pieces are blue silicone hose from Pegasus,
7/8 in. ID and 1 1/2in. ID.

WATER PUMP SPEED is Reduced by 30% with a custom Gilmer Belt drive.

WATER PUMP BYPASS is closed with a pipe plug.

Griffin RadThe following photos show the rear outlet, the header tank and Super Sports water routing, and the front outlet with restrictor plate and retaining ring.


DSC_0022 Rear Water Outlet


Header Tank and SuperSports Water Routing





Front Water Outlet




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