Wheels and Hubs

WHEELS. The stock 4 ½ inch wide, 60 spoke, 15 inch wire wheels were used from 1963 through 1968. In 1969 custom 6 inch wide knock-off wheels were fabricated by welding the center of  a junk wire wheel into a bored out Buick disc wheel and adding radial ribs. (see photo below).

Following the 1970-71 Conversion to a Race Car, Chrysler 6 inch wide bolt-on wheels were used on the AMC hubs at the front from 1972 to 2005. Holes for brake cooling were drilled in these wheels in 1994. (see photo below) The custom knock-off rear wheels were used through 1977 and then the Morgan rear hubs were modified for Buick bolt-on wheels, which were used through 2006.

During the 1999-2003 Major Upgrade, I wanted to find lighter weight wheels, but as the bolt pattern and offset were different at the front and rear, only needed two of each. The suppliers I spoke with would only supply sets of four, so I would have had to purchase eight expensive wheels. Our U of M Formula SAE team purchased wheels from Keizer, and I liked their design, simplicity and weight, and they would provide differing bolt patterns and offsets. So four 6 inch wide aluminum wheels were purchased. I had a pair of Morgan bolt-on hubs for the rear, so two wheels had the 4 bolt, 130 mm (Morgan) bolt pattern and two had the 5 bolt, 4 ½ inch (AMC, Chrysler, Ford) bolt pattern. These wheels were not installed until 2006 on the front and 2007 on the rear, due to the need for modified studs and for rear hub modifications to use the Datsun brake drums.

FRONT HUBS. 1968 AMC Javelin with disc brakes. The Keizer wheel required a longer stud, but a simple replacement was not available. Aftermarket studs from Dorman were modified.
DORMAN Wheel Stud, PN DOR 610-363.

HUB REPAIR. At the end of the 2011 season, the outer race of the inner wheel bearing of the left front hub was found to rotate within the hub. It was repaired by DONGO TOOL in Minneapolis. They prepared the bearing surface, the diameter was reduced by applying a hard chrome surface and then precision ground to size. It was inspected after each event in 2012 and the bearing race had not moved (and also inspected each year since).

REAR HUBS. In 2007, a pair of used Morgan wire wheel hubs was obtained and modified to use bolt-on wheels. The stock Morgan 4 bolt, 130 mm bolt circle was used and 9/16 in studs having US threads were installed. The splined portion was machined off and turned to fit the hole in the Keizer wheel. The shoulder to locate the stock brake drum was not changed. The 0.80 inch diam. guide pins that transfer torque to the drums were removed and their holes drilled for the new studs. The ¼ inch threaded holes to attach the drums were drilled and tapped for 5/16 inch fine threads. Aftermarket studs from LAWSON were slightly modified. LAWSON Wheel Stud, PN 26960. (Photo below)

Custom Knock-Off Wheel
Custom Knock-Off Wheel


Front Wheel with Cooling Holes
Front Wheel with Cooling Holes


Modified Morgan Rear Knock-Off Hub
Modified Morgan Rear Knock-Off Hub





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