Chassis Upgrades

1. DOUBLER PLATES were welded on the front of the chassis rails for additional support where the Front Frame is attached with AN bolts of proper grip length.

2. FUEL CELL is mounted lower and slightly rearward from the stock the location. A Custom crossmember of 2x2x1/8 in. angle iron supports the front of the cell and the rear chassis crossmember supports the rear.

3. REAR MOTOR MOUNT locations on the chassis crossmember have been modified to accept the later “three hole” mounts.

4. A CUSTOM BRACKET for the lower Watt’s Linkage pivot is bolted to the lower flange of the chassis and supported laterally with a ¾ in. diam. tube across the chassis.

5. WOOD FLOORBOARDS have been replaced with 1/8 in. thick aluminum pieces.

6. The DRIVER’S SEAT is attached to chassis crossmembers with custom brackets fabricated out of one inch square steel tubing.

7. For driver protection, a STEEL HOOP over the driveshaft and beneath the driveshaft tunnel is installed.

PHOTOS of  some chassis upgrades are attached.

Doubler Plate on Right Side of Front Frame Rail
Three Hole Rear Motor Mounts
Three Hole Rear Motor Mounts
Hoop Over Driveshaft
Hoop Over Driveshaft
Driver's Seat Mounts
Driver’s Seat Mounts



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