1. ARE, Alexander Racing Enterprises, Specialty TR parts,
  2. ARP, Automotive Racing Products,
  3. BIR, Brainerd Intl. Raceway,
  4. BFE,
  5. BPNW, British Parts Northwest,
  6. Calico Coatings, Denver, NC, (704)-483-2202
  7. Chassis Shop,
  8. Cylinder Head Supply. Mpls, MN, (612)-870-0160
  9. Dongo Tool Inc., Mpls, MN, (612)-782-9455
  10. DRM, Doug Rippie Motorsports, Waverly, MN, (763)-658-6109
  11. Griffin Radiator,
  12. LBCCO, Little British Car Co.,
  13. McMaster-Carr Supply Co.,
  14. Moldex Crankshaft Co., (313)-387-6099.
  15. Morgan Spares,
  16. OPIE Hot Rods, Prior Lake, MN, (612)-432-7888.
  17. Pegasus Auto Racing Supplies,
  18. QA1, Suspension Parts, Lakeville, MN,
  19. Remflex Exhaust Gaskets,
  20. RPW,Racer Parts Wholesale,
  21. SCAT, engine components,
  22. Solow, Greg Solow’s Engine Room, (831)-429-1800
  23. SLR Cams, Steve Long Racing Cams, (951)-273-0816
  24. Summit Racing Equipment,
  25. TPIS, Tuned Port Induction Specialties,
  26. TSI, Specialty TR parts,
  27. Wiseco, pistons,

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