Brief History


This Morgan has had two owners, both of whom raced it. The first was Mr. Tom Kennedy of Minnetonka, MN, (deceased) who purchased it new from “Cars of the World” in Madison, WI in October 1958. He drove it on the street and raced it in some SCCA events in the mid-west. In fall 1962, with 13,000 miles on the odometer, he consigned the Morgan for sale to “Grand Prix Motors”, a small used car lot on East Lake Street in Minneapolis, run by Dewey Brohaugh. Pat Starr purchased it in January 1963 and drove it on the street to work, school, etc. In June 1963, he completed an SCCA Driver’s School in the Morgan and then ran four SCCA Regional Events.

After this first season, the Morgan underwent a body-off restoration and the engine was slightly modified. From 1964 through 1969 Morgan was driven on the street, and ran fifteen more SCCA events, including Nationals at Lynndale Farms (’66), the June Sprints (’67,’68), and Donnybrooke (1968 Opener and 1969).

At the end of 1969, with 26,000 miles on the odometer, the Morgan was converted to a “race only” vehicle within SCCA rules. This included a new roll bar structure, a locked differential, custom spindles, front disc brakes, a Watt’s linkage, traction bars, a full race engine, and steel wheels. A few more SCCA events were run in 1972-73, then life intervened and racing came to an end.

The VSCR club was formed in the Twin Cities area in 1976 and held vintage races in conjunction with the professional events at Brainerd Intl. Raceway (BIR), the new name for Donnybrooke. And, vintage racing clubs were forming in other parts of the country. Morgan was revisited. A milder engine was assembled and Semperit 165×15 street radial tires were installed. From 1976 to 1983 twenty Vintage Events were run at BIR, Road America, and Blackhawk Farms.

From 1984-1989 Starr raced the Peyote Special, a Triumph TR3 based E Modified Sports Racer that was built in 1959 by Dewey Brohaugh and Bill Ames in Minneapolis. Found in a junkyard in 1981, it was eventually purchased by Starr who re-engineered the chassis and suspension, and assembled a full race engine. After sixteen Vintage Events, it was sold to Baxter Culver of Sacramento, CA in 1990, and is now owned by Bill Babcock of Beaverton, OR.

From 1991 – 1998, Starr resumed racing the Morgan, which was upgraded with a major engine rebuild, a fuel cell, a racing seat, a Supersports style air scoop, and air filters. Thirteen Vintage Events were run at BIR, Road America, and on Minneapolis city streets with Trans-Am events.

The Morgan was not raced from 1999 – 2003 due to the exigencies of family and professional life, but plans were leisurely being made for upgrades, including a new roll bar structure with cockpit side tubes, a strengthened front frame, and aluminum flooring replacing the wood. In early 2004 it was announced that Morgan would be the Featured Vehicle at the Elkhart Lake Vintage Festival (ELVF). This motivated the completion of the upgrades which were done in time to run this event.

From 2004 – 2015 Morgan has run twenty six Vintage Events at BIR, Road America, Portland Intl. Raceway, Road Atlanta, and Watkins Glen. A major engine rebuild was done in 2011 with new liners and pistons, and the  Triumph crankshaft and connecting rods were finally replaced with a steel crankshaft and H-Beam rods. In July 2015 the engine was refreshed with rings, bearings, clutch, etc., and broken in at a test day at BIR in August. In September, Morgan ran the 2015 ELVF and completed all practice, qualifying and race sessions.