Engine Details

A major engine rebuild was planned in the fall of 2010. The liners and pistons had been purchased in 1991 (BFE) and the liners were honed many times, resulting in a large end gap on the top rings.

I also had concerns about the crankshaft and connecting rods, as  stock Triumph units had been used since 1963. Some Triumph literature warns against consistently running above 6000 RPM with the stock crankshaft. I had been using a 6500 RPM red line for many years, and had the crankshaft magnafluxed at each rebuild, but had started to visit 6800 RPM in third gear just before braking into the final turn at Road America. Normally I would shift at 6500, but at that place, it would be in fourth for only a few seconds, so just kept my foot down.

In Spring/Summer 2010, I had an unexpected opportunity which brought in about $3500. My supportive wife Margie suggested that I blow it on the Morgan! It would be the FINAL ENGINE! It would include a custom steel crankshaft, steel H-beam connecting rods, new liners and pistons, etc. It would also cost considerably more than $3500 (!), and lead to some unexpected development problems.

The components of the current engine are listed below, including the year of original purchase, the year of the most recent replacement or service, the source, (a list of sources is at the bottom), and part number. The engine was “refreshed” in July 2015.


Liners: 89mm Bore. Crescent shaped relief ground under intake valve to enhance flow. BFE, (2011). Honed (2015).

Connecting Rods: SCAT Steel, H-Beam, for Ford Modular V8. Longer than stock by 0.407 in. and 0.94 in. wide (narrower than stock). ARP 2000 bolts. SUMMIT, PN SCA-6665754A, (2011).

Crankshaft: Steel, custom specs for narrower rods, 8 bolt flywheel attachment, smooth stock diam. scroll, nitrided and balanced.  MOLDEX, (2011). Measured (stock dimensions), magnafluxed, and polished (2015).

Pistons: Special, 89 mm with pin raised to accommodate longer rods. WISECO, (2011), cleaned, polished (2015).

Piston Pins: 0.866 in. (22mm) diam. WISECO, (2011).

Rings: WISECO, PN 8900xx, (2015).

Rod Bearings: Clevite, SUMMIT, PN CLE-CB 1442P, (2015).

Main Bearings: Tri-metal, BPNW,  PN CB 418, (2015).

Coating: Rod and main bearings, CALICO COATINGS, (2015).


Cam: ERSON 23-106, Regrind, BFE/SLR, (2015).

Cam Gear: Adjustable, BFE, (2012).

Lifters: BFE, (2015).

Timing Chain and Tensioner: Special, SOLOW, (2011).


Head: TR4A small port, milled 0.180 in., slightly ported, chambers shaped, and # 2 & 3 cylinders staked. Rear expansion plug hole modified to accommodate a water outlet.

Head Gasket: Shim steel, 0.016 copper rings, (2015).

Valve Cover, Aluminum, PN 852-090, LBCCO, (2011).

Valve Seats, Replaced, TPIS, (2014).

Intake Valves: Stainless, 1.605 in. diam., BFE, (2014).

Exhaust Valves: Stainless, 1.42 in. diam. BFE, (2014).

Valve Guides: Bronze, BFE, (2012).

Valve Springs: Competition, 1.65 in. installed height, BFE, (2014).

Rocker Arms: Roller Type, stock ratio, TSI, (2011).

Rocker Shaft:  Hardened, ends tapped for pipe plugs, TSI, (2011).

Rocker Shaft Stands: Supported  Ends, BFE, (1991).

Pushrods: Competition, longer than stock, BFE, (2014).

Valve Retainers: Aluminum, early BFE.


Flywheel: Lightweight Steel, 11.5 lb. with ring gear. A.R.E., (2008).  Resurfaced and Balanced (2015).

Pressure Plate: MGB Heavy Duty, Balanced, PN 190-810, LBCCO, (2015).

Clutch Disc: TR4A Heavy Duty, PN 591-050, LBCCO, (2015).


Exhaust Header: Custom four-into-one design. Flange, tubes, and collector from STAHL, (2010).

Intake Manifold: Stock TR4 Long Manifold, slightly ported.

Manifold Gasket: Remflex, PN  RF20-001, (2012)

Carburetors: Two SU HS6, inlets tapered to match air  horns, (2012).

Heat Shield: Custom, fabricated out of aluminum.

Air Horns: Shortened for clearance, matched to carbs. A.R.E., (2012).

Air Filters: Screen Type, fits air horns, A.R.E., (2012).


Distributor: Stock DM2 type with points, rebuilt, Advanced Distributor (2010).

Coil: Pertronix Flamethrower, Summit, PN PNX-40511, (2012).


Oil Pump: Stock Triumph, clearanced at BFE, (2011).

Oil Filter: CANTON 6 inch, remote location, PEG, PN 1281.

Oil Cooler: Earl’s 10 row, radiator style, mounted below the grill, SUMMIT, PN EAR-4100AERL, (2014).

Sandwich Plate: Custom Design, incorporates the pressure adjustment/relief valve. (2011)

Oil Routing:  From oil pump, to filter, past the relief valve, to the cooler, then to the galley. All Aeroquip AN 10 lines.

Oil Pressure: Measured on the Sandwich Plate at the return into  galley.

External Oil Line to Rocker Shaft, BPNW, PN TT1026.

Accusump: Two Quart capacity, electric/pressure valve.


Water Pump: Five Vane, BPNW, PN GWP 202 HD, (2014).

Water Pump Drive: GILMER BELT with Custom Pulleys. Reduces pump speed about 30%. (2011).


Pump: Electric, FACET Silver Top, PEG, PN 1105.

Regulator: HOLLEY, PEG, PN 1135-1104. New diaphragm (2015).

Filter: FACET 74 micron, installed at the inlet to the regulator, PEG,            PN 1120, (2014).

Larger Fuel Line: Replaced 1/4 in. steel line with 5/16 in. steel line, mounted outside of the frame, (2012).

Fuel Cell: 10 Gallon Fuel Safe (1991), new bladder, RPW, (2013).


Increased diam. of oil feed to the center main to 23/64 in.
Block and water pump ports matched.
Ground material around spark plug area and water holes to match head gasket.
Center oil galley hole drilled and tapped for fitting for Accusump line.
Block Drain drilled and tapped for pipe fitting.
Bolt Surfaces on main bearing caps milled smooth.
Two additional oil drain holes drilled in rear main cap.
New oil pump shaft bushing, PN 836-240, LBCCO, (2011)
New cam bearings (2014)
Rear Crank Seal: Special housings for Chrysler two piece seal on stock diam. smooth scroll. SOLOW, (2008), new seal (2015).

Oil Pan: Stock, holes drilled in windage tray for drainage.

Bell Housing: Stainless steel sleeve fitted to the Bell Housing to reduce wear from the sliding throwout bearing collar, and the collar stud relocated to accommodate the MGB pressure plate. SOLOW, (1991).

Gear Reduction Starter, MOSS (2008).


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