Racing History

This Section chronologically lists all the Morgan racing events, including brief comments on each and some period photos. Most events have Additional Documentation which is not included here, but will be included in the sale of the Morgan. The following notation indicates what else is available for each event:
EL – Entry List,  GR – Grid List,  RR – Race Results,  PL – Plaque (issued at event registration),  PR – Press, (comments in magazines, etc.).

SCCA RACING, 1959 – 1973

From 1959 through 1962, the Morgan was entered in some SCCA events by its first owner, Tom Kennedy, and driven by him or fellow SCCA drivers. The only details at this writing are entry lists from 1961 and 1962 SCCA Regionals at the Met Stadium Course in Bloomington, MN, and an account of an SCCA Regional at an airport course in Mankato, MN, from the driver who was a friend of Kennedy.

The following lists events that I entered after purchasing the Morgan in Jan 1963. From 1963 through 1969, it was a Dual-Purpose vehicle, being driven on the street to work and school. For racing, a bolt-in roll bar was installed, the muffler replaced with a straight pipe and the windshield replaced with a windscreen. In addition to the races, Morgan ran a hillclimb and a number of autocross events.

SCCA Driver’s School and Regional Race, Southport Road Course, Rosemount, MN, June (?).    
Passed the school and finished the regional event, which was in the rain. No record of finishing position.

SCCA Regional Race, Metropolitan Stadium Road Course,  July 28.
First experience with brake fade. Bent the brake pedal! Finished, but no record of position. (EL)

COMMENT: This event drew many spectators who could mill through the paddock. Dewey Brohaugh, the proprietor of “Grand Prix Motors” and ever the salesman, asked some of us to put a logo, made from contact paper, on their cars. I agreed, but sometime later the Stewards reminded Dewey that the SCCA racing is an Amateur Sport with a No Advertising policy, so the logos had to be removed. This took paint off the Morgan hood.  The logo and  hood with missing paint are shown below.



SCCA Regional, Southport Road Course, Aug (?).
Finished 7th in EP.

SCCA Regional, Southport Road Course, Oct (?).
Finished 3rd in EP.

COMMENT: From fall 1963– spring 1964 a body-off Major Rebuild of the chassis and suspension was done along with rebuilding the engine, including milling the head and installing a mild racing cam.

SCCA Divisional Race, Southport Road Course, June 6.
Blew a head gasket in practice. DNS.

SCCA Regional Race, Metropolitan Stadium Road Course, July (?). Overheated during the race, slowed, finished, drove home. Later found two damaged pistons.

Scan 120820002

Going to Met Stadium Tech Inspection with Steve Conroy, 1964.

SCCA Regional Race, Metropolitan Stadium Road Course, July (?). Finished 5th in EP with best lap of 2:00 min.

SCCA Regional Race, Grand Forks Airport Course, ND, Oct 3.
Finished 1st in EP. (RR)

SCCA Regional Race, Metropolitan Stadium Course, June 12.
Finished 2nd in EP with best lap of 1:56 min.

Scan 120270001

Scan 120820000

SCCA National Race, Lynndale Farms Road Course, (near Milwaukee, WI), Aug 6-7. Finished 11th out of 18 in EP with best lap of 2:26. (PL)

SCCA “Oktober Rennen” Regional Race, Lynndale Farms, Oct 15-16.
Gained lead in EP on lap 9, then the engine blew! Turned 2:21 laps. (PL)

Lynndale 1966
SCCA June Sprints, Road America, June 17.
Overheated during race, pulled off at last lap, finished 22nd in EP. (PL)

SCCA 1st Skogmo Memorial Grand Prix, Southport Road Course, Aug 13. Started from pole, overheated, pitted to add water, finished 4th in EP.


Standing Start from Pole, Southport, Aug 1967. (John Hansen Photo)

SouthPrt1Chasing Dick Warren in Dick Giese’s TR3  (John Hansen Photo)

SCCA Regional Race, Southport Road Course, May (?).
Engine problems resulted in no practice laps. Started last, finished 7th in EP.

SCCA June Sprints, Road America, June 14-16.
Finished 12th in EP with best lap of 3:09. (RR, PL)


June Sprints, 1968, Nomex Bandanna Covering Facial Hair.

SCCA 2nd Skogmo Memorial Grand Prix, Southport Road Course, July 13-14. Finished 2nd in EP turning laps under 1:10. (EL, PR)

SCCA National Race,”Opener at Donnybrooke”, Brainerd, MN, Aug 10-11. Finished, but no record of position. Turned 2:15 laps. (PR)

SCCA Regional Race, Donnybrooke, Brainerd MN, May 10-11.
Finished 2nd in EP racing nose-to-tail with Dick Warren’s MGB.

Morg:MGB '69

SCCA National Race, Donnybrooke, Brainerd , Memorial Day Weekend. Finished 6th in EP.

COMMENT: At the National Race, Dick Warren visited the Firestone Tire truck, bought new racing tires and chopped 4 seconds off of our lap times in the previous Regional race. I decided to stop racing, finish school, and sometime in the future to no longer drive Morgan on the street and convert it to a “race-only” vehicle. The conversion was done during 1970-71, and is described in the Modifications and Upgrades Section.

SCCA Driver’s School and Regional Race, Donnybrooke.
May 13-14. Issued an SCCA Log Book.  It rained during the driver’s school on Sat. and Morgan was a handful with the locked rear end and used racing tires in the rain. Steward’s generously granted me a license. Next day was sunny and the modifications “worked”, finishing 3rd in EP turning 2:07 laps. (PL)

SCCA Kettle Moraine Regional Race, Road America,
Sept 23-24. Finished 2nd in EP turning 3:05 laps. Later found many broken valve springs. (PL)


After Conversion to Race-Only Vehicle. Note the lower profile front tires.


Modified front hood latch provided additional air  (Not sure it helped).

SCCA Regional Race, Donnybrooke, Sept (?).
Spun a rod bearing in practice. Dick Giese, Bob McIntyre and Paul Smith assisted in “re-grinding” the scored journal with emery cloth and installing a new bearing. Started the race, but the oil pressure dropped and pulled in on lap 3 for a DNF.

Retired. Life Intervened. This was the end of SCCA racing with Morgan. We had run 22 events since purchased in 1963. It was not a National competitor, but was a Regionally competitive machine.

VINTAGE RACING, 1976 – 1983.
A group of ex-SCCA members and other enthusiasts started the VSCR club in the Twin Cities area in 1976 and held races in conjunction with professional events at Brainerd International Raceway (BIR), the new name for Donnybrooke. The Morgan was revisited. A milder motor was assembled, the body was sanded and painted, and street radial 165×15 tires were fitted.

Trans Am Pro Event, BIR, Aug 14-15. First Vintage Race for VSCR Club. The locked rear end felt good with the street radial tires and the revs were limited to 5500. Started about 13th and finished 5th, turning 2:13 laps. (PR)

VIN 2 '76

                                   First Vintage Event , BIR, Aug. 1976                                                                                                                                      

IMSA Pro Event, BIR, June 18-19. Started from the pole position turning 2:14 laps in practice, but rain began on as we lined up. Spun it on turn 3 on first lap and played catch up. No record of finish position. (PL)

Trans Am Pro Event, BIR, August 13-14. Started in second behind a Ferrari GTO, which spun during the first lap, then was passed by the DeMar. Finished 2nd to the DeMar. (RR, PR, PL)

Pepsi Grand Prix, BIR, June 17-18. Qualified third of 22 entries, turning 2:16. Had some problem but no record of it. Listed as finishing 17th and “not running at finish”. (GR, RR, PL)

Pepsi Grand Prix, BIR, June 16-17. Turned the fastest lap during a rainy qualifying session out of 30 entries, and was on the pole for Sunday’s race. A few laps into the warm up on Sunday morning, the crankshaft broke as I shifted in 4th gear on the straight. BOOM! DNS. Built another motor and installed the Stockton full race cam. (GR, PL)

Pepsi Can-Am, BIR, Aug 9-10. Broke in the motor during the practice sessions. Qualified 2nd of 32 entries, turning 2:11’s. Had a great race with the Echinda and finished second to a Ferrari 250LM. (GR, RR, PL)

Ferrari Club-VSCR Club Event, BIR, Sept 29-30.
No details of the sessions.

Pepsi Grand Prix, BIR, JUNE 16-17. Qualified second out of 30 entries behind a Ferrari 250LM. Finished third behind two Ferraris. (GR, RR, PL)


Pepsi Can-Am, BIR, Aug 9-10. Qualified 3rd out of 46 entries, turning 2:12.4 on a drying course. Morgan would not exceed 5000 rpm in the race, but still finished in 4th behind two Ferraris and the Blackjack Jaguar Special. (GR, RR, PL)

Pepsi Grand Prix, BIR, June 13-14. Qualified second out of 36 entries during a rainy Saturday session. Sunday was sunny for the race. Morgan would not rev past 5500 and still finished third, behind a Ferrari 250LM and the DeMar. (GR, RR, PL)

Pepsi Trans Am, BIR, Aug 8-9.  During Qualifying on Saturday, the steel belt came off the left rear tire just before turn 1 at over 100 mph. Fortunately, the carcass held air and stayed on the rim, and we still qualified third out of 42 entries. Fellow VSCR members straightened the damaged fender, and Goodrich TA’s from Bloomington Tire were delivered  late Sunday morning. Scuffed the tires during the race and finished 2nd to a Ferrari GTO. (GR, PL)

VSCDA Event, Blackhawk Farms, Oct (?) Ran practices, and qualified 3rd.  The clutch linkage broke during feature event. (PL)

Blahk Pace Lap Pace Lap at Blackhawk, qualified 3rd.  (P.M.Starr Photo)

CHR (Chicago Historic Races) “Great American Road Races”,
Road America, July 3-5. Qualified on the front row turning 3:05’s. Finished third behind an Allard and a Porsche. (EL, GR, PL)

Pepsi Grand Prix, BIR, July 10-11. There were 40 entries. Finished 3rd behind the DeMar and an Elva MK VI. (RR, PL)

VSCR State Fair Exhibition, Fairgrounds 1/2 Mile Track, St. Paul, Sept 5. Started on front row next to the Blackjack Special. No record of finish (probably second) (GR)

Nicolas (Wine) Vintage Grand Prix, during the CART Race Weekend, Road America, Sept 17-19. Finished 3rd behind a Ferrari and a Lotus 27. (EL, GR, PL)

Pepsi Grand Prix, BIR, July 8-10. Qualified second out of 28 entries to Mike Soltis’ Kieft Formula Jr which was on the pole with a 2:10. The Morgan and Kieft battled for the entire 13 laps, exchanging the lead once or twice a lap. Mike won by less than a second. (RR, PL)

Morg:Kieft BIRRacing with Mike Soltis’ Kieft FJR. (Jenny Photo)

VSCR Club Event, BIR, Aug 28. Morgan ran well, turning 2:10’s and ran some 5 lap sprint races. Throttle cable broke in one race and won in another one. (PL)

VSCR State Fair Exhibition, Fairgrounds 1/2 Mile Track, St. Paul, Sept 5. There were 13 entries plus a dirt sprint car. The DeMar and Morgan were in the front row. Passed the DeMar coming out of the final turn just before the checkered flag for a win!

VSCDA, Road America, Oct. No records of this event other than the Plaque given at Registration

1984-1989: RACED THE PEYOTE.

Scan 120820001Peyote at Chicago Historics, July 1987.  (R.M.Koehler Photography)

Jerry Knapp Memorial Race, BIR, July 20-21, SCCA.
First race after selling the Peyote and building a new engine for the Morgan. The engine started late on Friday. Then left for BIR, bringing the seat, belts, trans. tunnel, grill, etc. to BIR. With the help of VSCR friends, these were installed, and Morgan passed Tech on Saturday, but missed the practice sessions. On Sunday, we qualified, turning a 2:12 lap, and started the race, but the engine was running poorly and making clicking sounds, so pulled in early. (RR)

ELVF, Road America, Sept 29-29, VSCDA.
The rocker shaft broke during the first practice session. I finally figured out that some valve retainers were hitting the guides. A spare rocker assembly was installed and the lash was set at 0.050 in. rather than 0.018-0.020. The clicking stopped. We qualified and ran the Group 3 race. After a few laps, a carburetor butterfly came loose and jammed, so pulled in early. (RR)

Jack Pine Sprints Regional, BIR, Sept 4-5, SCCA.
Morgan was running well now, and qualified 4th out of 20 entries turning 2:08 laps. Had a great race with a Lotus Super 7, but was passed in the final turn of the last lap, as a front wheel locked up under braking. (GR, PL)

ELVF, Road America, Sept 25-27, VSCDA.
Qualified 8th out of 52 Group 2 entries during a rainy session. Finished 7th in the Group 2 race turning a 3:01 lap. (GR, RR, PL)

Jerry Knapp Memorial Race, BIR, Aug 7, SCCA.
Qualified 3rd out of 18 entries turning 2:05 laps. Great racing with a Lotus Super 7 during Qualifying and in the Race until the left rear axle broke in turn 2 at over 100 mph. Fortunately, the fender kept the wheel on! (EL, PL)

ELVF, Road America, Sept 24-26, VSCDA.
Qualified 8th out of 38 entries in Group 2, turning a 3:00.7 lap. Tried a softer brake pad which worked fine in Qualifying, but faded during the race going into turn 5, after some great racing with a Porsche. Pulled off the course to avoid hitting the Porsche, slightly touching the guardrail, and took the escape road. (GR)

Jerry Knapp Memorial Races, BIR, Aug 6-7, SCCA.
Each day had a Practice, Qualifying and Race session. Turned 2:07 laps in Saturday Qualifying and finished 3rd in the Race out of 18 starters. Finished 2nd in the Sunday Race, turning 2:09 laps. (EL, RR)

ELVF, Road America, sept 23-25, VSCDA.
Ran all sessions, and qualified 16th out of 49 entries in Group 2, turning a 2:58.9 lap. Finally under 3 minutes! Great racing with a Porsche, finishing 11th, turning a 2:56.1 lap. In all previous events, I had been using a 6000 rpm redline, but here, apprehensively used 6500 rpm, and took 4 seconds off my best 1993 lap. If I only tried this years earlier!  (GR, RR)

1996   (No Morgan Racing in 1995)
Trans-Am Children’s Grand Prix, Minneapolis, July 6-7, SCCA.
This was a Pro Event on a 1.6 mile street circuit in downtown Minneapolis.
It rained during Qualifying, so the race officials determined the starting order. Morgan was gridded 19th out of 25 entries. Sunday weather cleared up and Morgan passed 15 cars during the 17 lap race, including a Ferrari 250 and the Ambro-Triumph on the last lap to finish 4th. (GR, RR, PR)

Mpls 1996Photo in St. Paul Pioneer Press Newspaper, July 8, 1996.

ELVF, Road America, Sept 20-22, VSCDA.
Qualified 12th out of 60 entries in Group 2, turning a 2:58.9 lap. Had a great race with a Porsche, finishing a car length behind,  and turning a 2:54.4  lap. (RR)

Sprint PCS Grand Prix, Trans-Am, Minneapolis, July 4-6, SCCA.
Ran all Practice sessions, turning the 10th fastest time of 1:42.4 out of 34 entries. Gridded 13th for the race and finished 11th. (GR, RR, PR)

Jack Pine Sprints Regional, BIR, Sept 7, SCCA.
Ran Practice and Qualifying and gridded 8th out of 21 cars with a 2:04.6 lap. Finished 7th in the Race, turning a 2:04.4 lap. (GR, RR, PL)

ELVF, Road America, Sept 18-20, VSCDA.
Ran all Practice and Qualifying sessions and gridded 15th out of 68 entries with a 2:55.5 lap (just ahead of Augie Pabst in an Aston Martin DB4). On the second to last lap of the race, the throttle linkage broke, closing one of the carburetors, but Morgan kept racing and finished 17th with a best lap of 2:53.6. Pabst zoomed by on lap 1. (GR, RR)

1999 – 2003: Pause in Racing and Major Upgrade

ELVF, Road America, Sept 17 – 19, VSCDA.
Morgan was not raced from 1999 – 2003 for various family and work related reasons. During this period, chassis and suspension upgrades and repairs were “leisurely planned,” and included a revised roll bar structure, having a cowl hoop and cockpit side tubes, redesigned front spindles, rear tube shocks, aluminum floor panels, etc. Then it was announced that Morgan was to be Featured at the 2004 ELVF, including a race for Morgans, so an effort was made to complete the work and run this event. The engine was untouched since 1998 and the tires were those run in 1998.

Final assembly culminated in a frantic all day-evening session on Friday, Sept. 17, finally departing at 3:15 AM, and arriving at 10:00 AM Saturday morning, missing the Friday practice sessions. Fellow VSCR members assisted in installing the seat, belts, puke tank, etc. and Morgan passed Tech Inspection and lined up for Qualifying. This lasted less than two laps due to misfiring, which was traced to the fuel pressure regulator diaphragm: apparently it did not like being dry for 5 years!

On Sunday, we ran the Morgan Race at 1:00 and the Group 2 race at 2:30. Without a qualifying time we were gridded at the back of the four wheelers in the Morgan race, and proceeded to pass 15 cars until catching Greg Solow in Baby Doll IV, finishing a few car lengths behind and turning a 2:51.3 lap. In the Group 2 race, without a qualifying time, started at the rear in 50th, and finished in 11th, turning 2:56 in heavy traffic. Morgan ran and handled well and I was remembering how to drive! (RR)

Scan 121060000

Racing with Greg Solow and Baby Doll IV.  (Greg Petrolati photo)

Donnybrooke Sprints and Vintage Revival, BIR, May28-29, SCCA/VSCR.
Ran five sessions: first was practice and others were races. It rained during the practice and took it easy. The remaining sessions were in the dry and Morgan raced with Bob Youngdahl’s Elva, finishing a length behind in the last race. (No times or results)

The 2006 Donnybrooke Road Racing Revival, BIR, May 27-29, NASA.
Ran five sessions: warmup, two qualifying and two races. Turned a 2:06 in Sat. qualifying, and near the end of the first race, the temp rose. Found a crack in the radiator which was “repaired” with CRC stop leak and ran Sunday qualifying without a problem. In the following race, the temp. rose at over 5000 rpm, so that redline was used, and we finished, later finding a crack in the head. (no other times or results)

ELVF, Road America, Sept. 14-17, VSCDA.
Ran five sessions: two practice, Qualifying, a Qualifying race and the Feature race. Came in early from each practice with a sticking throttle which as finally diagnosed for the later sessions. Turned a 2:55.9 lap in the qualifying race and gridded 13th out of 68 entries for the Group 2 Feature race. In the feature race, entering turn 1 on the second lap, Morgan’s left rear fender was contacted and pushed against the tire, which I was unaware of until the Carousel, when a cloud of smoke appeared in the left side mirror from the rubbing tire. Slowed down, waved everybody past and came in and found a line of dark blue paint on the crumpled fender. I filled out an accident report. While loading, a VSCDA Board Member stopped by and said he was right behind us going into turn 1 and said the other car “tried to squeeze in there, hitting the Morgan”. (GR)


Damaged Fender.  (Margie Photo)

MOTRAH EVENT, Road America, May 18-20, SVRA.
Ran seven sessions: three Qualifying, two Qualifying races, the MOTRAH race and the Group 2 Feature race. Finished 10th in the MOTRAH race, turning a 2:51.7 lap, and 5th in the Group 2 race, out of 25 entries, turning a 2:50 lap. (RR)

Motrah 2007

MOTRAH Event, Turn 5. (R. Harrington Photography)

BIR Performance School and Vintage Race, May 12, VSCR.
Worked on Morgan during the morning, then first time out at 1:30 followed by the Vintage Race at 3:00. After some jockeying at turn 3 on the first lap, Morgan emerged in the lead entering the main straight, to the delight of the crowd, and then was quickly passed by a Mustang GT350 and a Porsche Carrera. (no record of lap times or results)

BIR 40th Anniversary Weekend, Sept 12-14, on 2.5 mile Course.
Ran three sessions on Friday, two were black flagged early. Rained all day Saturday. Skipped the first session, but went out for the first race: pouring rain, dark skies, mirrors useless until the approaching car was right behind. Finished, keeping Morgan on the road. Rained all day Sunday too. Decided not to run. (EL)

ELVF, Road America, Sept 19-21, VSCDA.
Ran all sessions: two practice, Qualifying, Qualifying race, and Feature. Started the Qualifying race in 17th out of 56 entries, finishing 10th, turning a 2:54.4 lap. Then finished the Feature in 8th, turning a 2:51.9. (RR)

Vintage GT Challenge, Road America, May 15-17, SVRA.
Installed new rings and bearings and a valve job in the Spring, leading to delays in getting Morgan ready. We finally left on Friday at 11:30, missing the practice sessions. Ran Saturday practice using 5000 rpm redline to break in the engine and also bed in the front pads. Ran the Qualifying race, upped the revs to 5500 with bursts to 6000, and qualified 12th out of 24 entries, turning a 2:57 lap. Ran the “Peter Morgan Memorial” race for Morgans, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Morgan Motor Co. There were only 5 entries for this 5 lap race with a handicapped start, and we finished 2nd, turning 2:53.8. Started 12th in the Feature race, finishing 6th and turning 2:49.7. Finally getting under 2:50! (RR)


Three Generations, “Peter Morgan Memorial” Race. (Margie Photo)

Portland Historic Races, Portland Intl. Raceway, July 10-12, HMSA.
First time on this track, and classified in Group 1, “Early Production Cars” having 45 entries. Ran 5 sessions: practice, Qualifying, Heat races 1 and 2, and the Feature, with respective lap times of 1:44, 1:40.6, 1:38.7, 1:37.6 and 1:37.2. Finished 9th in the Feature race. (RR, PL)

PIR 2009

PIR, 2009  (Grasshopper_Photography)

ELVF, Road America,Sept. 11-13, VSCDA.
Ran all sessions: two practices, Qualifying, Sprint race and Feature race. Finished 9th out of 42 entries in the Sprint race turning a 2:50.8 lap. Started 8th in the Feature, passed two cars then on lap 3 the throttle linkage broke, closing the front carburetor. Slowed and came in. (GR, RR)


In a Crowd, ELVF 2009.  (Jessica Johnk photo)

Vintage GT Challenge, Road America, May 14-16, SVRA.
Ran all sessions: Three Qualifying, one Qualifying race and the Optima Sprint race. Finished 10th out of 25 entries in the Qualifying race, turning a 2:50.4 lap. Started 10th in the Sprint race, worked up to 6th in two laps then the clutch failed downshifting into turn 5. Had a lap of 2:50.9. (found out later the disc was defective) (GR, RR)


Signalling at turn 5 after clutch failed.  (Jessica Johnk photo)

Coca-Cola Trans-Am Restricted Regional, BIR, Sept 4-5, SCCA.
Qualified 5th out of 17 entries, turning 1:56.7 on Saturday.
(no record of finish, nor of Sunday sessions) (GR)


Keyhole Turn, BIR. (Margie Photo)

ELVF, Road America, Sept 9-12, VSCDA.
Ran all sessions, including the Sheldon Cup race. Finished 10th out of 51 entries in the first Sprint race turning a 2:55.1 lap, and 21st in the Sheldon Cup race turning a 2:56.3 lap. In the Feature, the throttle stuck wide open going into turn 1 on the first lap (!) Waved everyone by, drove with the ignition switch, and came off at turn 5. (RR)

A major engine rebuild, including a steel crankshaft (delivered on Aug 1), H-Beam connecting rods, new pistons and liners, a new cam, etc., and a redesigned throttle linkage. The engine was broken in during five sessions at a Test Day at BIR on Aug. 29.

ELVF, Road America, Sept 8-11, VSCDA.
Ran all sessions: Two practices, Qualifying, Sprint race, Feature race and the Sheldon Cup. Gridded 14th out of 40 starters in the Sheldon Cup and finished 5th turning 2:46.4. Gridded 4th out of 43 entries in the Feature, finishing 2nd, turning a 2:46.3 lap. (RR)


Running Hard with Jeff Johnk’s Austin Healy 3000. (Jessica Johnk photo)

Wold 1Exiting Turn 5 ( Howie Wold Photo)

Mitty with the Kastner Cup, Road Atlanta, April 26-29, HSR.
Signed up for the Track Orientation on Thursday. During the third session, the camshaft broke, ending the weekend. (EL)

Replaced the cam, lifters, etc., and the barely worn rings and bearings, and broke in the engine at a Test Day at BIR, on June 18.

Portland Historic Races, Portland Intl. Raceway, July 6-8.
Ran five sessions: practice, Qualifying, two Qualifying races and the Feature. Finished fifth out of 23 group 1 starters in Qualifying race 1, turning a 1:33.7 lap and fourth in the Feature turning a 1:34.6 lap. (RR)

Patrick Starrr's 1958 Morgan +4 in Portland's turn 1.

Entering Chicane at PIR.  (Dennis Gray Photo)

ELVF, Road America, Sept. 6-9, VSCDA.
Ran five sessions, including the Sheldon Cup. The first practice was on a drying course and Morgan set the fastest lap at 2:59. Skipped the second practice due to rain, and finished 6th in the Qualifying race, turning a 2:46.9 lap. Gridded 11th out of 51 starters for the Sheldon Cup race and finished 4th turning a 2:45.9 lap. Gridded 3rd out of 53 entries for the Group 2 Feature, finishing 4th, turning a 2:44.4 lap. (GR, RR)

Harvey West Memorial Day Classic, BIR, May 25-27, SCCA.
Ran all sessions, Practice, Qualifying and Race on Sat. and Sun.
Finished 4th in the last race turning a 1:50.8 lap. (RR)


Racing Darwin Boswell’s Corvette into BIR Turn 3.  (Jerry Winkler photo)


In Traffic Through the Keyhole, BIR 2.5 mile course, 2013. (Margie Photo)


Chasing (Not Catching) Gerry Dulski’s 240Z, BIR, 2013. (Margie Photo)

ELVF, Road America, Sept. 5-8, VSCDA, with the Kastner Cup Race.
Ran four sessions: two Practices and then Qualifying 4th out of 64 Group 2 entries with a 2:50 lap. The first Sprint Race and was on a wet course, as the rain had stopped just before we lined up. The second and third qualifiers chose not to run on the wet course so Morgan was on the front row next to the Peyote!


Pace Lap, Wet Course, Front Row with the Peyote.  (Margie Photo)

On the pace lap, we saw many puddles of water on the course. Then, on the first lap, Morgan spun to the inside of turn seven, and continued a long slow slide on the wet grass, finally contacting the wall with the left front. The first serious contact in 50+ Years of Racing!  (GR)


Left Front Impact Damage (Margie Photo).

Suspension parts were magnafluxed, damaged pieces were replaced and assembled with new AN bolts, frame alignment checked, radiator, fan and oil cooler replaced, the fender was artfully straightened at OPIE Hot Rods and Morgan was made ready for 2014.

Harvey West Memorial Day Classic, BIR, May 24-25, SCCA.
Ran all six sessions: Practice, Qualifying and Race on Sat and Sun. Finished 8th out of 24 entries on Sat, turning a 1:52.1 lap, and 2nd out of 13 on Sun, turning a 1:51.5 lap. (RR)


Chasing Jeff Ingebritson’s Caldwell D9 FF, BIR Keyhole. (Margie Photo)

US Vintage Grand Prix, Watkins Glen, Sept 3-7, SVRA.
First time on this course, but only ran a few laps as both practices were red flagged.  Started near the back for the first Sprint race and after a few laps, getting more comfortable (and faster), the clutch started to slip, so came in. Later, found that the expansion plug behind the cam had come loose. The good news was that I was slowly getting comfortable on the course and turned 2:29 lap, about mid-pack, but 14 seconds faster than in the first practice. (RR)


Esses at Watkins Glen, 2014.

Spring Vintage Festival, Road America, May 14-17, SVRA.
Ran four sessions: Practice, two Qualifying, and one Race for Groups 1,3, and 4, totaling 32 entries. This was the first event on new front kingpins and bushings, which need some miles to wear in, so I had to brake earlier for turns 5 and 12. Qualified 11th for the Race, turning a 2:51.2 lap. On the second to last race lap, Morgan started to misfire and then no spark, as the ignition module failed. Still credited with 19th, having turned a 2:48.3 lap. Decided to reinstall points! (RR)

Harvey West Memorial Day Classic, BIR, May 23-24, SCCA.
Entered the Saturday event, running the three sessions, qualifying 6th out of 22 entries, turning a 1:52.3 lap. In the second to last lap of the race, the temperature jumped when the revs exceeded 5000 rpm, so I slowed and came in. Still finished 18th, turning 1:54.9. (RR)

Found a head gasket problem, and did a minor engine rebuild. Ran a Test Day at BIR on Aug 3rd to break in the engine.

ELVF, Road America, Sept 18-20, VSCDA.
Ran all six sessions: Two Practice, one Qualifying, two Group 2 races and the Sheldon Cup race. Qualifying at 3:02 on a damp track, Morgan was gridded 11th out of 61 entries for the first Group 2 race, and finished 6th, turning a 2:50.3 lap. Then finishing 4th in the second race turning a 2:48.9 lap. Due to late registration, we were gridded last (28th) for the Sheldon Cup, and finished 4th, turning a 2:46.5 lap. (RR)


Pace Lap, Second Group 2 Race.  (Margie Photo)

Decided to retire from racing after 53 years. Morgan is running well with the freshened motor and is competitively representing the Morgan Tradition in its class. It is time for a third owner to take over.