Four H-Beam SCAT Connecting Rods for Ford Modular engine. A set of eight was purchased in 2011, these are the “other four”.

Four prepared stock Triumph Connecting Rods (replaced in 2011)

Stock Triumph Crankshaft, mains and journals 0.010 in. undersize, nitrided, rear scroll welded and machined for Solow’s rear seal housings and Chrysler seal. Taken off car in fall 2010.

Stock Triumph Crankshaft, mains and journals 0.010 in. undersize, nitrided, rear scroll machined for BFE seal. Taken off car in fall 2008.

Stock Triumph Crankshaft, taken off a street engine, stock size mains and journals.

Camshaft, Erson 23-106, tiny pit on nose of one lobe. Maybe recoverable.


TR4A Head, (5/16 in. diam. exhaust valve guides), taken off a street engine, not milled, magnafluxed OK.

TR4 Head, (3/8 in. exhaust valve stems), milled 0.140 in., replaced valve seats and guides. I traded a stock head for this modified one, and cannot vouch for the work on this head.


TR3, serial number TS19333E, with the main bearing caps and bolts.


Oil pan, timing chain cover, rocker arm assembly, oil pump, oil filter assembly and hardware, distributor tower, dip stick, lower bell housing cover. Bolts for galley, cam sprocket and valve cover. Aluminum sealing block, oil slinger, front cam bearing, oil pump drive shaft with the gear, water pump housing, cam sprocket, valve cover.

Performance Parts: BFE rear crank seal housing, BFE Titanium retainers, ARP stock length rocker arm studs and Mini head nuts, rocker shaft with 8 lightened, radiused, and rebushed stock rocker arms (used one track day), set of BFE pushrods (0.150 shorter than stock).

One short Intake Manifold and one long Intake Manifold (slightly ported).
Pair of H6 SU carbs, removed in 1995 when converted to HS6 carbs.
Carb linkage parts, new throttle cable.

Spare Gilmer belt, Facet fuel pump and Pertronix coil (both working when replaced), pair of 3 hole rear motor mounts and new pieces of 1 1/2 and 7/8 inch radiator hose.


The car has a “Low Ratio” transmission with a 1:37 third gear as compared to the 1:21 of the “High or Close Ratio” unit that came with the car. Many of the corners in courses that I ran from 1963-1969 were in third gear and the exit rpm was too low for good acceleration. So, in the 1970-71 “Conversion to a Race Car”, a Low Ratio transmission was created by modifying a Jaguar input shaft and using the corresponding Jaguar take-apart cluster gear. I found a Jaguar transmission without the front, rear or top covers in a junkyard for a very reasonable price. The input shaft was metal-sprayed so its front portion would accept the Morgan front bearing, and then shortened to the length of the Morgan shaft. Then a custom muff coupling was fabricated. (At the time, I did not know that all that was needed was to replace the input shaft gear and cluster, though I probably could not have afforded it at the time) This gearbox has worked well for many years, and has been rebuilt a few times.

Many used Moss gearbox parts are included, but they are not sufficient to assemble a complete spare transmission, as the top cover and drive shaft yoke are missing. Condition of the parts vary, some being better than others, and are listed below in two groups which support two options for assembling a Close Ratio (C/R) gearbox.

C/R Option 1. Convert the transmission in the car to a C/R transmission by exchanging only the parts listed Group A, along with new bearings for the input shaft.

C/R Option 2. Assemble an “almost complete” spare C/R transmission by using all the Group A and B listed parts as a starting place for a rebuild. Then the top cover and driveshaft yoke would be taken from the transmission removed from the car.

Group A.
Input shaft with gear. (ball bearings removed).
Cluster Gear (one piece).
Transfer Shaft with Muff Coupling.

Group B.
Countershaft with roller bearings, retainers, washers and shims.
Mainshaft (ball and cage bearing removed).
Third/Fourth Synchro (assembled).
Third Gear, roller bearings, retainer, lockpin and spring.
Second Gear, roller bearings, retainer, lockpin and spring.
First/Second Synchro with First Gear (assembled).
Synchro Interlock Pins and Balls.
Reverse Gear and Shaft.
Oil Slinger, Spacer, Washer, Nut for rear of Mainshaft.
Rear Cover and fasteners.
Front Cover with Packing Ring and fasteners.
Transmission case with reverse link


Take-off front main and rebound springs, spacers, and a worn kingpin to show the modifications, two sets of camber plates, Isky rebound springs, Javelin front hub with grease cup, new front hub seal, new braided stainless front brake line.

Steel front wheels, 6 X 15, Chrysler, cooling holes, centering rings,spacers.
Steel rear wheels, 5 X 15 US Wheel, 4 x 130mm bolt circle.

Modified Datsun brake drum (small compression crack on steel liner), extra 9/16 in. rear wheel bolts and lug nuts.


Kingpin removal bolt.
Oil pump shaft for Priming the engine.
Jig to build the exhaust header and cardboard patterns for header tubes.
Puller to remove 89mm liners.
Caliper piston removal tool


Brake pedal (bent) and master cylinder spacer.
Fuel tank, covered in fiberglass.
Rear lever shocks and brackets.
Tool tray.
Seat back.
Top and bows.
Windshield (brackets missing).
Dashboard and instruments (need rebuilding) and wiring harness.
Voltage regulator and solenoid.
Dimmer switch.
Glove box.
One-shot oiler fitting.